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Introducing the COVID-19 crisis Special Education Needs Coping Survey
Dukes, Daniel; Van Herwegen, Jo; Alessandri, Michael et al.


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Keywords :
covid-19; anxiety; emotion regulation; special (education) needs; coping; international collaboration
Abstract :
[en] Individuals with special education needs have been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as they have been shown to be at high risk of losing medical and institutional support at a time when people are being asked to stay isolated, suffering increased anxiety and depression as a consequence. Their families have often found themselves under tremendous pressure to provide support, engendering financial hardship, and physical and emotional strains. In such times, it is vital that international collaborations assess the impact on the individuals and their families, affording the opportunity to make national and international comparisons of how people have coped and what needs to be done to optimize the measures taken by families, associations and governments. This paper introduces one such collaboration.
Disciplines :
Treatment & clinical psychology
Author, co-author :
Dukes, Daniel
Van Herwegen, Jo
Alessandri, Michael
Al Nemary, Faisal
Amani Rad, Jamal
Banta Lavenex, Pamela
Bolshakov, Nikita
Bölte, Sven
Buffle, Paulina
Ying Cai, Ru
Campos, Ruth
Chirita, Adela
PINTO COELHO DA COSTA, Andreia ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE) > Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences (DBCS)
Costanzo, Floriana
di Poi, Giona
Des Portes, Vincent
Faivre, Laurence
Famelart, Nawelle
Fisher, Marisa
Gamaiunova, Liudmila
Giannadou, Aikaterina
Gupta, Rashmi
Hanley, Mary T.
Hardan, Antonio Y.
Houdayer, Françoise
Hrnčířová, Lenka
Hugon, Anne
Klein-Tasman, Bonita P.
Kovani, Panagiota
Lavenex, Pierre
Libove, Robin
Malik, Supriya
Mari, Francesca
Martínez-Castilla,, Pastora
Menghini, Deny
Meuleman, Ben
Nuske, Heather J.
Palikara, Olympia
Papageorgiou, Athina
Papon, Anouk
Pegg, Robin
Poustka, Luise
Prosetzky, Ingolf
Renieri, Alessandra
Reza Pouretemad, Hamid
Rhodes, Sinead
Riby, Deborah
Rossi, Massimiliano
Sadeghi, Saeid
Stallmann, Lina
Squillaci, Myriam
Su, Xueyun
Tai, Hungtzu (Claire)
Tran, Michel
Treichel, Noémie
Tynan, Fionnuala
Uljarević, Mirko
Van Hecke, Amy
Veiga, Guida
Verloes, Alain
Vicari, Stefano
Werneck-Rohrer, Sonja
Zander, Eric
Samson, Andrea C.
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Language :
Title :
Introducing the COVID-19 crisis Special Education Needs Coping Survey
Publication date :
February 2021
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since 08 March 2021


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