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Affiliations Update

Affiliations have been updated in ORBIlu with the new 2020 departments and faculties acronyms.


While entering a reference, the affiliation field will display both your former and new affiliation.

Choose the one relevant to the period of publication of your work.


Don't forget to use both the old and the new name of your faculty/department to perform a 2020 report.


Please contact us at for any question you may have.
Searching for Open Access publications?

Mosa aims to highlight Open Access research produced by scholars from Belgian and Luxembourgish institutions. More than 10 repositories are daily harvested in Mosa.

Mosa also contains publications and communications with restricted access (intranet). Depending on the repositories, a Request a print option can help you to directly contact the author and ask for an electronic copy.

title 21/04/2020

The ORBilu team is pleased to offer you individual online session of Clean my ORBilu Training.

The aim of this session is to help you improve the discoverability and accessibility of your publications by improving the quality of your ORBilu profile and the metadata of your references.

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