ORBilu Team

It is essential for us to work with and for our researchers in developing ORBilu for the future. 

Research support systems are embedded within the research culture of the University, and ORBilu is supported by the University Deposit Mandate. The Luxembourg Learning Centre remains committed to meet the needs of our researchers and to work closely with you in developing tools and support to improve the service and help you.

The Project Team

ORBilu is a project developed by the University of Liège. The University of Luxembourg Library wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all members of the ULiège Library of the University of Liège (ULg) for their continued support and collaboration on this project.

Scholarly research user group

Should you have an interest in joining the scholarly research user group, please contact us.  The aim of the group is to meet quarterly to discuss the research information needs and what solutions are needed to enable research excellence at the University.  Discussions will be around topics like Open Science, research data management, developing ORBilu etc.


Thanks goes out to all those who have helped to make this project a reality.

  • The Rectorate for its support of this initiative.
  • All the personnel of the various faculties and bodies who have provided their contributions, such as:
    • the Communications Department
    • the Finance and Accounting Department
    • the Research Department and the Research Facilitators
    • Legal Affairs
    • Human Resources
    • and all researchers and supporting staff at the University.

And finally, the University of Luxembourg Library expresses its thanks to the ULiège Library Network for their continued support and collaboration on this project.

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