The UL Open Science working group

The Open Science working group at the University of Luxembourg (UL) has a formal mandate from the rectorate to advance research data management (RDM) and open science principles and practices through collaborative effort 

Our efforts involve: 

- increasing awareness: about open science, open access, RDM and the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reuseable) principles 

capacity building: providing training and resources on RDM and open science practices, helping researchers to meet project, funder, and publisher requirements, supporting collaboration and networking across RDM and open science topics  

research infrastructure needs; seek out needs and ensure UL tools and services are fit for purpose to support RDM and open science practices 

promoting and advocating open science: e.g. increasing transparency in research, sharing of research output, embedding principles of open science in policies and improving visibility of UL research and researchers

contact points; represent UL at the national and international level on open science and RDM topics, bridging to UL employees via our RDM Community of Practice (CoP).


If you have any questions or wish to join our RDM CoP please reach out to  


The Open Science working group consists of: 

Prof. Emma Schymanski, FNR ATTRACT Fellow; Head of Environmental Cheminformatics, Special Advisor: Open Science & Research Data Management, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine 
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Dr. Inma Peral, Team Leader for Research Facilitators, Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine 


Dr. Helena Korjonen, Librarian specialist scholarly communication and research process/open science, Luxembourg Learning Centre 


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