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Constructing effective and efficient EAP curricula
Deroey, Katrien


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Keywords :
EAP curriculum design; EAP teacher training
Abstract :
[en] In this talk I will sketch the development of an EAP curriculum at the University of Luxembourg Language Centre that takes into account multilingualism, needs analysis, insights into EAP teaching and materials, discussions with stakeholders, and human resources. I will argue for an EAP curriculum approach that trains a set of core skills and enables discipline-specific genre and language learning through awareness-raising activities and corpus search tools. In this view, English for Specific Academic Purposes is not the teaching of disciplinary vocabulary. Instead, teachers use their EAP expertise to ascertain disciplinary needs, compose or evaluate materials, set tasks in line with disciplinary activities, and –importantly- provide the skills and tools to continue (discipline-specific) learning beyond the course. I will draw on examples of EAP course design from my own practice as well as on findings from my published research into EAP coursebook authenticity and multilingual course design.
Disciplines :
Languages & linguistics
Author, co-author :
Deroey, Katrien ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE) > Department of Humanities (DHUM)
Language :
Title :
Constructing effective and efficient EAP curricula
Publication date :
04 March 2021
Event name :
Annual Conference of the German Association of University Language Centres
Event organizer :
University of Osnabrück
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