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Intrinsic Control of Interlayer Exciton Generation in Van der Waals Materials via Janus Layers
Torun, Engin; Paleari, Fulvio; Milosevic, Milorad V. et al.
2023In Nano Lett.
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
interlayer exciton; exciton phonon coupling; transition metal dichalcogenides
Abstract :
[en] We demonstrate the possibility of engineering the optical properties of transition metal dichalcogenide heterobilayers when one of the constitutive layers has a Janus structure. We investigate different MoS2@Janus layer combinations using first-principles methods including excitons and exciton–phonon coupling. The direction of the intrinsic electric field from the Janus layer modifies the electronic band alignments and, consequently, the energy separation between dark interlayer exciton states and bright in-plane excitons. We find that in-plane lattice vibrations strongly couple the two states, so that exciton–phonon scattering may be a viable generation mechanism for interlayer excitons upon light absorption. In particular, in the case of MoS2@WSSe, the energy separation of the low-lying interlayer exciton from the in-plane exciton is resonant with the transverse optical phonon modes (40 meV). We thus identify this heterobilayer as a prime candidate for efficient generation of charge-separated electron–hole pairs.
Disciplines :
Author, co-author :
Torun, Engin
Paleari, Fulvio
Milosevic, Milorad V.
Wirtz, Ludger ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) > Department of Physics and Materials Science (DPHYMS)
Sevik, Cem
External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
Intrinsic Control of Interlayer Exciton Generation in Van der Waals Materials via Janus Layers
Publication date :
Journal title :
Nano Lett.
Publisher :
American Chemical Society
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
Focus Area :
Physics and Materials Science
FnR Project :
FNR13376969 - Anharmonic And Exchange Interactions In Phonon Spectra, 2018 (01/01/2020-30/06/2024) - Ludger Wirtz
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