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An overview of the limitations to the dissemination of data
Bartolini, Cesare


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Abstract :
[en] The changes occurred during the last decades have made data one of the most important business assets. With this evolution, together with the no man's land that the Internet was in its early years, came the awareness of the inherent dangers and potential damages involved in collecting and transferring data. Therefore, the attention of lawmakers has focused more and more on addressing the various risks related to this new asset. Limitations exist under different perspectives, sometimes protecting private interests, sometimes public. Rules impose limitations on the basis of traffic in arms; trade secret; copyright and author's rights; and, most prominently, the protection of personal data. The last topic is particularly complex. The Internet has drastically changed the landscape for the protection of personal data, and the existing patchwork of rules is no longer adequate. The very ownership of the data has been overthrown, making it hard to understand where liability rests. The changing context calls for a major revision of the existing rules on data protection. The European Union is discussing the reform, with provisions that are more high-level, but introducing significant penalties for violations. However, the reform is facing delays and difficulties, and it is still unknown when it will enter into force.
Disciplines :
European & international law
Author, co-author :
Bartolini, Cesare ;  University of Luxembourg > Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SNT)
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Title :
An overview of the limitations to the dissemination of data
Publication date :
03 June 2015
Event name :
4th International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Event place :
Budapest, Hungary
Event date :
from 03-06-2015 to 05-06-2015
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since 12 February 2016


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