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Analysis of the Authenticated Cipher MORUS (v1)
Mileva, Aleksandra; Dimitrova, Vesna; Velichkov, Vesselin
2015In Cryptography and Information Security in the Balkans: First International Conference, BalkanCryptSec 2015
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
symmetric-key; cryptanalysis; authenticated encryption; CAESAR; MORUS
Abstract :
[en] We present several new observations on the CAESAR candidate MORUS (v1). First, we report a collision on its StateUpdate(S, M ) function. Second, we describe a distinguisher in a nonce-reuse scenario with probability 1. Finally, we observe that the differences in some words of the state after the initialization have probabilities significantly higher than the random case. We note that the presented results do not threaten the security of the scheme. This is the first external analysis of the authenticated cipher MORUS.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Author, co-author :
Mileva, Aleksandra;  University “Goce Delchev”, Stip, Republic of Macedonia > Faculty of Computer Science
Dimitrova, Vesna;  University “Ss Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia > Computer Science and Engineering
Velichkov, Vesselin ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC) ; University of Luxembourg > Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SNT)
External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
Analysis of the Authenticated Cipher MORUS (v1)
Publication date :
Event name :
BalkanCryptSec 2015
Event organizer :
Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies FAMNIT
Event place :
Koper, Slovenia
Event date :
from 3-9-2015 to 4-9-2015
Audience :
Main work title :
Cryptography and Information Security in the Balkans: First International Conference, BalkanCryptSec 2015
Publisher :
Edition :
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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