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Lightweight palm and finger tracking for real-time 3D gesture control
Hackenberg, Georg; McCall, Roderick; Broll, Wolfgang
2011In IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality 2011
Peer reviewed


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Abstract :
[en] We present a novel technique implementing barehanded interaction with virtual 3D content by employing a time-of-flight camera. The system improves on existing 3D multi-touch systems by working regardless of lighting conditions and supplying a working volume large enough for multiple users. Previous systems were limited either by environmental requirements, working volume, or computational resources necessary for realtime operation. By employing a time-of-flight camera, the system is capable of reliably recognizing gestures at the finger level in real-time at more than 50 fps with commodity computer hardware using our newly developed precision hand and finger-tracking algorithm. Building on this algorithm, the system performs gesture recognition with simple constraint modeling over statistical aggregations of the hand appearances in a working volume of more than 8 cubic meters. Two iterations of user tests were performed on a prototype system, demonstrating the feasibility and usability of the approach as well as providing first insights regarding the acceptance of true barehanded touch-based 3D interaction.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Identifiers :
Author, co-author :
Hackenberg, Georg;  Fraunhofer FIT
McCall, Roderick ;  Fraunhofer FIT
Broll, Wolfgang;  Fraunhofer FIT
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Title :
Lightweight palm and finger tracking for real-time 3D gesture control
Publication date :
Event name :
Virtual Reality
Event place :
Singapore, Singapore
Event date :
19-23 March 2011
Main work title :
IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality 2011
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Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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IEEE VR 2011
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