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Outage Constrained Robust BeamformingOptimization for Multiuser IRS-AssistedAnti-Jamming Communications With Incomplete Information
Sun, Yifu; An, Kang; Luo, Junshan et al.
2022In IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 9 (15), p. 13298 - 13314
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Abstract :
[en] Malicious jamming attacks have been regarded asa serious threat to Internet of Things (IoT) networks, which cansignificantly degrade the quality of service (QoS) of users. Thispaper utilizes an intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) to enhanceanti-jamming performance due to its capability in reconfiguringthe wireless propagation environment via dynamicly adjustingeach IRS reflecting elements. To enhance the communicationperformance against jamming attacks, a robust beamformingoptimization problem is formulated in a multiuser IRS-assistedanti-jamming communications scenario with or without imperfectjammer’s channel state information (CSI). In addition, we furtherconsider the fact that the jammer’s transmit beamforming cannot be known at BS. Specifically, with no knowledge of jammerstransmit beamforming, the total transmit power minimizationproblems are formulated subject to the outage probability re-quirements of legitimate users with the jammer’s statistical CSI,and signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) requirementsof legitimate users without the jammer’s CSI, respectively.By applying the Decomposition-based large deviation inequal-ity (DBLDI), Bernstein-type inequality (BTI), Cauchy-Schwarzinequality, and penalty non-smooth optimization method, weefficiently solve the initial intractable and non-convex problems.Numerical simulations demonstrate that the proposed anti-jamming approaches achieve superior anti-jamming performanceand lower power-consumption compared to the non-IRS schemeand reveal the impact of key parameters on the achievable systemperformance.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Author, co-author :
Sun, Yifu
An, Kang
Luo, Junshan
Zhu, Yonggang
Zheng, Gan
Chatzinotas, Symeon  ;  University of Luxembourg > Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SNT) > SigCom
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Title :
Outage Constrained Robust BeamformingOptimization for Multiuser IRS-AssistedAnti-Jamming Communications With Incomplete Information
Publication date :
01 August 2022
Journal title :
IEEE Internet of Things Journal
Publisher :
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Volume :
Issue :
Pages :
13298 - 13314
Peer reviewed :
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi
Focus Area :
Computational Sciences
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