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Humanitarian Photography Beyond the Picture: David “CHIM” Seymour’s Children of Europe
Priem, Karin; Herman, Frederik
2021In Allender, Tim; Dussel, Inés; Grosvenor, Ian et al. (Eds.) Appearances Matter: The Visual in Educational History
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
photography; David Seymour; cultural studies; memory making; history of the web; media history
Abstract :
[en] This book chapter concentrates on photography as a technology that goes beyond the image. The chapter looks at documentary photography as an institutional and material practice of humanitarian ‘propaganda’ and discusses how notions of childhood intensified the urgency of humanitarian campaigns. It analyzes how UNESCO carefully selected and edited David Seymour’s photographs of children of war-devasted Europe, and how the organization adapted and exploited his photographs for its own ends. Besides tracing these practices of meaning making, the chapter also looks at the itinerary of one of Seymour’s most fascinating photographs and the different stories that have evolved around it to the present day. In a nutshell, the essay suggests that photographs, by both providing information and stimulating imagination, become actors of meaning making and storytelling. Photographs did not only help UNESCO manage public consent and add urgency to humanitarian causes; they also triggered public debate on social media, cooperated in historical research, and inspired literary work.
Research center :
Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) > Public History and Outreach (PHO)
Disciplines :
Author, co-author :
Priem, Karin  ;  University of Luxembourg > Luxembourg Center for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH)
Herman, Frederik
External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
Humanitarian Photography Beyond the Picture: David “CHIM” Seymour’s Children of Europe
Publication date :
Main work title :
Appearances Matter: The Visual in Educational History
Author, co-author :
Allender, Tim
Dussel, Inés
Grosvenor, Ian
Priem, Karin  
Publisher :
De Gruyter
Collection name :
Appearances: Studies in Visual Research
Pages :
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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