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Incremental Service Composition Based on Partial Matching of Visual Contracts
Naeem, Muhammad; Heckel, Reiko; Orejas, Fernando et al.
2010In Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
service composition; graph transformation
Abstract :
[en] Services provide access to software components that can be discovered dynamically via the Internet. The increasing number of services a requester may be able to use demand support for finding and selecting services. In particular, it is unrealistic to expect that a single service will satisfy complex requirements, so services will have to be combined to match clients’ requests. In this paper, we propose a visual, incremental approach for the composition of services, in which we describe the requirements of a requester as a goal which is matched against multiple provider offers. After every match with an offer we decompose the goal into satisfied and remainder parts. We iterate the decomposition until the goal is satisfied or we run out of offers, leading to a resolution-like matching strategy. Finally, the individual offers can be composed into a single combined offer and shown to the requester for feedback. Our approach is based on visual specifications of pre- and postconditions by graph transformation systems with loose semantics, where a symbolic approach based on constraints is used to represent attributes and their computation in graphs.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Identifiers :
Author, co-author :
Naeem, Muhammad;  University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Heckel, Reiko;  University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Orejas, Fernando;  UPC Barcelona, Spain
Hermann, Frank ;  TU Berlin, Germany
Language :
Title :
Incremental Service Composition Based on Partial Matching of Visual Contracts
Publication date :
Event name :
Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering, 13th International Conference (FASE 2010)
Event place :
Paphos, Cyprus
Event date :
March 20-28, 2010
Main work title :
Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
Publisher :
Springer Verlag
Pages :
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
Commentary :
LNCS/6013 Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
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