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Local curvature estimates for the Ricci-harmonic flow
Li, Yi
2018In Math ArXiv, p. 72


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Abstract :
[en] In this paper we give an explicit bound of Δ_g(t)u(t)and the local curvature estimates for the Ricci-harmonic flow under the condition that the Ricci curvature is bounded along the flow. In the second part these local curvature estimates are extended to a class of generalized Ricci flow, introduced by the author \cite{LY1}, whose stable points give Ricci-flat metrics on a complete manifold, and which is very close to the (K,N)-super Ricci flow recently defined by Xiangdong Li and Songzi Li \cite{LL2014}. Next we propose a conjecture for Einstein's scalar field equations motivated by a result in the first part and the bounded L^2-curvature conjecture recently solved by Klainerman, Rodnianski and Szeftel \cite{KRS2015}. In the last two parts of this paper, we discuss two notions of "Riemann curvature tensor" in the sense of Wylie-Yeroshkin \cite{KW2017, KWY2017, Wylie2015, WY2016}, respectively, and Li \cite{LY3}, whose "Ricci curvature" both give the standard Bakey-\'Emery Ricci curvature \cite{BE1985}, and the forward and backward uniqueness for the Ricci-harmonic flow.
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Li, Yi ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Mathematics Research Unit
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Local curvature estimates for the Ricci-harmonic flow
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Math ArXiv
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FNR7628746 - Geometry Of Random Evolutions, 2014 (01/03/2015-28/02/2018) - Anton Thalmaier
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