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A three-dimensional movement analysis of the spike in fistball
Bund, Andreas; Ghorbani, Saeed; Rathjens, Franziska
2016In Sports, 4 (4), p. 1-12
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Keywords :
Movement analysis; Biomechanics; Fistball
Abstract :
[en] Due to its relevancy to point scoring, the spike is considered as one of the most important skills in fistball. Biomechanical analyses of this sport are very rare. In the present study, we performed a three-dimensional kinematic analysis of the fistball spike, which helps to specify performance parameters on a descriptive level. Recorded by four synchronized cameras (120 Hz) and linked to the motion capture software Simi Motion® 5.0, three female fistball players of the second German league (24–26 years, 1.63–1.69 m) performed several spikes under standardized conditions. Results show that the segment velocities of the arm reached their maximum successively from proximal to distal, following the principle of temporal coordination of single impulses. The wrist shows maximum speed when the fist hits the ball. The elbow joint angle performs a rapid transition from a strong flexion to a (almost) full extension; however, the extension is completed after the moment of ball impact. In contrast, the shoulder joint angle increases almost linearly until the fistball contact and decreases afterward. The findings can be used to optimize the training of the spike.
Disciplines :
Education & instruction
Author, co-author :
Bund, Andreas ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (FLSHASE) > Education, Culture, Cognition and Society (ECCS)
Ghorbani, Saeed;  Islamic Azad University > Department of Physical Education and Sport Science > Dr.
Rathjens, Franziska;  University of Oldenburg > Insitute of Sport Science
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Language :
Title :
A three-dimensional movement analysis of the spike in fistball
Alternative titles :
[de] Eine dreidimensionale Bewegungsanalyse des Angriffsschlages im Faustball
Publication date :
December 2016
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Publisher :
MDPI, Basel, Switzerland
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Peer reviewed :
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi
Focus Area :
Educational Sciences
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