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What happened to the Gas Station?
Prüm, Agnès


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Keywords :
liminality; popular and internet culture; space
Abstract :
[en] Would you buy flowers at the petrol station? This presentation examines the petrol station trope and its oscillation between site (a space where people interact) and sign or cultural signifier. It presents the result of the empirical study carried out in the interdisciplinary research project 'IDENT2 - Strategies of Regionalisation: Constructing Identity Across Borders', and examines the transformation of the physical 'petrol station' into a 'code' that is actively used as a qualifier in popular culture and in everyday life situations.
Disciplines :
Arts & humanities: Multidisciplinary, general & others
Author, co-author :
Prüm, Agnès ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (FLSHASE) > Identités, Politiques, Sociétés, Espaces (IPSE)
Language :
Title :
What happened to the Gas Station?
Publication date :
14 January 2016
Event name :
Trier Centrum für Amerikastudien: Gastvorträge
Event organizer :
Universität Trier
Event place :
Trier, Germany
Event date :
Audience :
Focus Area :
Multilingualism and Intercultural Studies
Name of the research project :
IDENT2 - Strategies of Regionalisation: Constructing Identity Across Borders
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