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The circadian oscillator gene GIGANTEA mediates a long-term response of the Arabidopsis thaliana circadian clock to sucrose
Dalchau, Neil; Baek, Seong; Briggs, Helen et al.
2011In PNAS, 108 (12), p. 5104–5109
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
mathematical modeling; optimization; photosynthesis; oscillations; carbohydrates
Abstract :
[en] Circadian clocks are 24-h timing devices that phase cellular responses; coordinate growth, physiology, and metabolism; and anticipate the day–night cycle. Here we report sensitivity of the Arabidopsis thaliana circadian oscillator to sucrose, providing evidence that plant metabolism can regulate circadian function. We found that the Arabidopsis circadian system is particularly sensitive to sucrose in the dark. These data suggest that there is a feedback between the molecular components that comprise the circadian oscillator and plant metabolism, with the circadian clock both regulating and being regulated by metabolism. We used also simulations within a three-loop mathematical model of the Arabidopsis circadian oscillator to identify components of the circadian clock sensitive to sucrose. The mathematical studies identified GIGANTEA (GI) as being associatedwith sucrose sensing. Experimental validation of this prediction demonstrated that GI is required for the full response of the circadian clock to sucrose. We demonstrate that GI acts as part of the sucrose-signaling network and propose this role permits metabolic input into circadian timing in Arabidopsis.
Disciplines :
Engineering, computing & technology: Multidisciplinary, general & others
Author, co-author :
Dalchau, Neil
Baek, Seong
Briggs, Helen
Robertson, Fiona
Dodd, Antony
Gardner, Michael
Stancombe, Matthew
Haydon, Michael
Stan, Guy-Bart
Goncalves, Jorge ;  University of Luxembourg > Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)
Webb, Alex
Language :
Title :
The circadian oscillator gene GIGANTEA mediates a long-term response of the Arabidopsis thaliana circadian clock to sucrose
Publication date :
March 2011
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Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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