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Real-time surgical simulation using a lattice-continuum approach
Bui, Huu Phuoc; Bordas, Stéphane


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Fracture due to tearing

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Keywords :
Multi-scale approach; Surgical cutting; Fracture; Lattice
Abstract :
[en] Surgery is a complex practice whose positive outcome relies heavily on the experience of surgeons and therefore involves a number of risks. Computer-based simulation is a strong candidate for surgical training, guidance and surgical robotics. Cutting, tearing, needle insertion and similar operations which require topological changes, contact, and whose outcome is significantly affected by the microstructure of the material (discontinuities, holes, interfaces) remain some of the most difficult surgical gestures to simulate. One of the difficulties emanates from the  requirement to handle propagating discontinuities as well as the micro or meso structure of the material being cut. We are interested in the development of a numerical tool capable of the interactive (50Hz) simulation of surgical cutting using a multi-domain lattice-continuum approach. Around the cutting region, a mesoscopic discrete lattice approach suitable for initiation of cuts and subsequent tears is used. The remaining regions can be modeled by a continuum approach or through model reduction approaches based on pre computations. The algorithms are implemented within the SOFA framework which is  targets  real-time computations, with an emphasis on medical simulation and the work is being performed in collaboration with the group of Dr Hadrien Courtecuisse and Stéphane Cotin.
Research center :
ICube Laboratory
Disciplines :
Materials science & engineering
Author, co-author :
Bui, Huu Phuoc;  University of Strasbourg > Dr
Bordas, Stéphane ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Engineering Research Unit
Language :
Title :
Real-time surgical simulation using a lattice-continuum approach
Publication date :
February 2015
Number of pages :
Event name :
SHACRA workshop
Event organizer :
Event place :
La Bresse, France
Event date :
from 04-02-2015 to 06-02-2015
Audience :
Focus Area :
Computational Sciences
Name of the research project :
R-AGR-0070-1 > FP7 - Ideas - RealTCut > 01/11/2013 - 31/12/2016 > BORDAS Stéphane
Funders :
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since 09 February 2015


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