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Parental Mediation of Children’s Television and Video Game Use in Germany: Active and Embedded in Family Processes
Schaan, Violetta; Melzer, André
2015In Journal of Children and Media, 9 (1), p. 58-76
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
Parental mediation; Children; Television; Video games; Family interaction; Media effects
Abstract :
[en] In a survey study, 158 dyads of German parents and their 9 to 12-year-old children reported on their television and video game (VG) consumption, parental mediation strategies, and family climate. Parents also reported their beliefs concerning media effects. We found that mediation strategies differ from acknowledged media usage conceptions in that parents play a more active role than previously assumed. Restrictive mediation comprises rules and restrictions, but also parents’ educative explanations that media do not reflect reality. Patronizing mediation includes shared media consumption, but also parents commenting on media contents. Pointing out and emphasizing socio-emotional features in the media (e.g., empathy) characterize active-emotional co-use (AEC). Regression analyses revealed that parental fear of negative media effects predicted both AEC and restrictive mediation. Children and parents’ congruent perceptions of family interactions predicted AEC and patronizing VG mediation. Overall, positive ratings of family interactions were associated with children using media less frequently.
Disciplines :
Social, industrial & organizational psychology
Author, co-author :
Schaan, Violetta  
Melzer, André  ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (FLSHASE) > Integrative Research Unit: Social and Individual Development (INSIDE)
 These authors have contributed equally to this work.
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Title :
Parental Mediation of Children’s Television and Video Game Use in Germany: Active and Embedded in Family Processes
Publication date :
12 January 2015
Journal title :
Journal of Children and Media
Publisher :
Taylor & Francis
Special issue title :
Media and the Family
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Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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