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Quantile-based performance evaluation on CAN
Navet, Nicolas
201314th International CAN Conference


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Keywords :
real-time networks; Controller Area Network; automotive embedded systems; factory automation; statistics; performance evaluation
Abstract :
[en] Early stage timing analysis on CAN traditionally relies on simulation and worst-case response time (WCRT) analysis. Despite recent progresses, it will be shown than the latter technique remains pessimistic especially in complex networking architectures with gateways and heterogeneous communication stacks. Indeed, there are many cases of practical interest where no exact WCRT analyses are available, and merely upper bounds on the response times can be derived, on the basis of which unnecessary conservative design choices may be made. Simulation, on the other hand, does not provide any guarantees per se and should only be used along with a rigorous methodology in the context of critical networks. In this presentation, we argue for the use of quantiles of the response time distribution as performance metrics providing an adjustable trade-off between safety and resource usage optimization. We explain how the exact value of the quantile to consider should be chosen wrt the criticality of the frames, and how to calibrate the simulation lengths accordingly. Also, we highlight necessary conditions that must be met (e.g., response times above the quantiles must not be correlated) and how to verify them.
Disciplines :
Electrical & electronics engineering
Author, co-author :
Navet, Nicolas ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC)
Language :
Title :
Quantile-based performance evaluation on CAN
Publication date :
12 November 2013
Event name :
14th International CAN Conference
Event organizer :
CAN in Automation (CiA)
Event place :
Paris, France
Event date :
from 12-11-2013 to 13-11-2013
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Audience :
Commentary :
The material of this talk is discussed in more depth in the following conference paper: N. Navet, S. Louvart, J. Villanueva, S. Campoy-Martinez, J. Migge, “Timing verification of automotive communication architectures using quantile estimation“, Embedded Real-Time Software and Systems (ERTS 2014), Toulouse, France, February 5-7, 2014. Available at url: http://www.erts2014.org/Site/0R4UXE94/Fichier/erts2014_7A3.pdf.
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