Research Data Management (RDM)

Research Data Management (RDM) is the management of research data in a research project. A high standard of research data management is fundamental to high quality research and academic integrity. There are requirements related to research data, software and other outputs generated and used in research projects expected by funding agencies. There may be different funders’ requirements for research data throughout the project. 

For funded projects you will need to produce a data management plan (DMP). In this DMP you need to tell the story of the research data for your project. This could be the data that you generate, or the data you have sourced from elsewhere.  How do you intend to use, manage, share and develop that data throughout the research project?

Funders want to know how you will protect and preserve the data during the project and for the future.  If you intend to publish or make research data available, perhaps in a data repository (e.g. Xenodo) you need to describe this also. Many ethical and legal requirements may apply to your research data. You may need to describe the data to the Ethics Committee in ethics applications, have a conversation with the Legal Team about GDPR and protection of data, and/or with PAKTTO regarding the commercial value of data, and perhaps with IT regarding the storage of complex data.

Here at the University of Luxembourg we have a pilot DMP template available for you to help you draft your DMP.  The University is establishing a DMP working group to create a template for use by our researchers and to encourage you to think about how to make this plan work for you and your research project.  It is important that you arrange for peers to review and approve your DMP within your department of faculty.

Visit the LLC webpage about research data management and DMPonline.

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