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Organ-specific alteration in caspase expression and STK3 proteolysis during the aging process.
Lessard-Beaudoin, Mélissa; Laroche, Mélissa; Loudghi, Amal et al.
2016In Neurobiology of Aging, 47, p. 50-62
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Keywords :
Aging/genetics/metabolism; Animals; Apoptosis/genetics; Brain/metabolism; Caspases/genetics/metabolism/physiology; Gene Expression/genetics; Male; Mice, Inbred C57BL; Neurodegenerative Diseases/genetics; Organ Specificity/genetics; Protein Serine-Threonine Kinases/metabolism; Proteolysis; Serine-Threonine Kinase 3; Aging; Apoptosis; Brain region; Caspases; Peripheral organs; Serine/threonine kinase 3
Abstract :
[en] Caspases and their substrates are key mediators of apoptosis and strongly implicated in various physiological processes. As the serine/threonine kinase family is involved in apoptosis and serine/threonine kinase 3 (STK3) is a recently identified caspase-6 substrate, we assessed the expression and cleavage of STK3 in murine peripheral organs and brain regions during the aging process. We also assessed caspase-3, -6, -7, and -8 expression and activity in order to delineate potential mechanism(s) underlying the generation of the STK3 fragments observed and their relation to the apoptotic pathway. We demonstrate for the first time the cleavage of STK3 by caspase-7 and show that STK3 protein levels globally increase throughout the organism with age. In contrast, caspase-3, -6, -7, and -8 expression and activity vary significantly among the different organs analyzed suggesting differential effects of aging on the apoptotic mechanism and/or nonapoptotic functions of caspases throughout the organism. These results further our understanding of the role of caspases and their substrates in the normal aging process and highlight a potential role for STK3 in neurodegeneration.
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Author, co-author :
Lessard-Beaudoin, Mélissa
Laroche, Mélissa
Loudghi, Amal
Demers, Marie-Josée
Denault, Jean-Bernard
Grenier, Guillaume
Riechers, Sean-Patrick Hermann  ;  Max Delbrück Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, Neuroproteomics, Berlin, Germany.
Wanker, Erich E.
Graham, Rona K.
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Title :
Organ-specific alteration in caspase expression and STK3 proteolysis during the aging process.
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Journal title :
Neurobiology of Aging
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Elsevier, Netherlands
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