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Can openness to diversity be taught in the family?
Murdock, Elke; Hanus, Elvira
202318th European Congress of Psychology


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Keywords :
Diversity; Value transmission; Intercultural exchanges; Parenting; Autonomy; Qualitative Study
Abstract :
[en] We live an increasingly globalized world. Whilst culture contact is perceived as a threat by some, others welcome the opportunity to learn about different perspectives and to broaden their horizon. Can this openness towards diversity be taught? Research into the benefits of intercultural exchanges for students exists, yet these studies usually focus only on the student perspective. In our qualitative study we investigate if and how parental values regarding openness can be passed on to children. We analyze both, the perspective of the parents who value intercultural exchanges and that of their children. We carried out an in-depth case study with a family with four children (two sons and two daughters, now aged between 17 and 23) who each participated in long-term exchanges aged between 7 and 10 in France, and a second exchange as teenagers (aged 13 and 16) to an English-speaking country. The family also hosted several guest children. We developed an interview guide, with adapted versions for parents and children, to obtain an in-depth understanding for the parental values, their parenting style, and the motivation of the children to go on these exchanges and their (lasting) experiences thereafter. Each family member was interviewed separately after obtaining informed consent. Whilst all children appreciated the opportunity and agreed that the experience fostered independence and self-efficacy, they also differed regarding how these exchanges affected them – both, whist being away and on return. The parents emphasized the importance of trust in the process – both in trusting their children as well as in the host families. They also observed that only families with a larger number of children participated in the exchanges at a young age, – noting that the notion of sharing is already established. These findings will be discussed – also against the background of the emerging phenomenon of helicopter parenting.
Disciplines :
Social, industrial & organizational psychology
Author, co-author :
Murdock, Elke ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE) > Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences (DBCS)
Hanus, Elvira;  University of Luxembourg > Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences > BAP Student
External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
Can openness to diversity be taught in the family?
Publication date :
04 July 2023
Event name :
18th European Congress of Psychology
Event organizer :
British Psychological Association
Event place :
Brighton, United Kingdom
Event date :
03-07-2023 to 06-07-2023
Audience :
Focus Area :
Migration and Inclusive Societies
Commentary :
ECP 2023 Brighton, UK - Book of Abstracts - p. 309 - 310. Paer number 1077 - oral presentation - Equality, Dversity and Inclusion: Can openness be taught in the family?
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