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Doctoral thesis (Dissertations and theses)
Les enjeux des scissions transfrontalières au sein de l'Union européenne
Bernard, François Michel Béatrice


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Keywords :
Scissions transfrontalières; Liberté d'établissement; Fusions transfrontalières; Protection des créanciers; Protection des actionnaires minoritaires; Participation des travailleurs; Polbud; Sevic; Vale; Cartesio; Inspire Art; Überseering; Daily Mail; 2019/2121
Abstract :
[en] Cross-border divisions represent an efficient restructuring method allowing competent economic actors to suppress potential negative synergies within a conglomerate or to reinforce a company’s share price by correcting an asymmetry of information. Despite their protection by freedom of establishment and their partial harmonisation by the recent EU Directive 2019/2121, they remain largely unexplored and their effective implementation remains obscure. Furthermore, this kind of operation generates significant challenges in terms of stakeholder protection that need to be addressed in an adequate manner to avoid any leeway for abusive behaviors. The present research will propose a sophisticated solution to these challenges through a detailed analysis of the caselaw of the European Court of justice on freedom establishment and an extensive comparative exercise with (i) the existing EU regime applicable to cross-border divisions by incorporation and cross-border mergers, (ii) the cross-border division regimes existing under Belgian and Luxembourg company law and (iii) the German, Austrian and French domestic division regimes.
Disciplines :
Economic & commercial law
Author, co-author :
Bernard, François Michel Béatrice ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF)
Language :
Title :
Les enjeux des scissions transfrontalières au sein de l'Union européenne
Alternative titles :
[en] The challenges of cross-border divisions within the EU
Defense date :
26 May 2021
Number of pages :
Institution :
Unilu - University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
François Bernard, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Degree :
Promotor :
Corbisier, Isabelle 
Philippe, Denis
Secretary :
De Cordt, Yves
Jury member :
Schmidt, Jessica
Menjucq, Michel
Focus Area :
Law / European Law
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since 13 July 2021


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