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The legacy of intimate partner violence in heterosexual and gay (LGBTQ) communities. New challenges for the family doctor.
Klusova Noguiná, Elena; Chety, Ula; Conde-Valvis, Sara et al.
2020In Baum, Erika; Ungan, Mehmet; Steylaerts, Carl (Eds.) The World Book of Family Medicine


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Keywords :
Intimate Partner Violence; Domestic Violence; Primary Health Care; LGTBQ
Abstract :
[en] The “classic” gender violence of the heterosexual couples has left a painful legacy to the LGBT community. Recent researches show that rates of IPV in LGBT are similar to or higher than the rates found for heterosexual women. Though hardly worked, it seems to be that existing approach programs turn out to be incomplete and insufficient to address this problem in heterosexual women, being practically unknown in sexual minorities. The greater part of health professionals seems to have a vague and unclear knowledge of many basic LGBTQ+ concepts and specific health needs (social isolation, substance abuse, eating disorders, intimate partner violence, cancer prevention, etc...) The reality is that most of nowadays family physicians are not conscious nor trained to identify no manage the differences in professional help need between sexual minorities and heterosexual patients.
Disciplines :
Public health, health care sciences & services
Author, co-author :
Klusova Noguiná, Elena
Chety, Ula
Conde-Valvis, Sara
Cossutta, Fabrizio
Dascal-Weichhendle, Hagit
Duncan, Kirsty
Gökdemir, Ozden
Mariani, Yusianmar
Monteiro, Nina
Nobre, Maria Joao
Pas, Lodewijk
Reichel, Patrick
Rigon, Sara
Gomez Bravo, Raquel ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE) > Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences (DBCS)
Thomas, Claire Marie
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External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
The legacy of intimate partner violence in heterosexual and gay (LGBTQ) communities. New challenges for the family doctor.
Publication date :
16 December 2020
Main work title :
The World Book of Family Medicine
Author, co-author :
Baum, Erika
Ungan, Mehmet
Steylaerts, Carl
Publisher :
WONCA Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Pages :
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