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rio: Reasoner for Input/Output Logics
Steen, Alexander


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Keywords :
Deontic logic; normative reasoning; Automated Reasoning
Abstract :
[en] rio provides a TPTP-aligned [3] automated reasoning system for unconstrained and constrained I/O logics basid on the outi operators, 1 ≤ i ≤ 4. It is implemented as a Scala application and based on the scala-tptp-parser [4]. In short, the system allows you to specify a set of conditional norms and a number of inputs (each of which describing aspects of the current situational context), and provides automated means for inferring whether given obligations (also encoded as formulas) can be derived. rio can also be used to infer the set of detached obligations instead of checking detachment of given ones.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Author, co-author :
Steen, Alexander ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) > Department of Computer Science (DCS)
Language :
Title :
rio: Reasoner for Input/Output Logics
Publication date :
13 February 2021
Creation date :
Commentary :
rio is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause license (see LICENSE file), and uses third party libraries that are distributed under their own terms (see LICENSE-3RD-PARTIES file).
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since 13 February 2021


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