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Big images of two-dimensional pseudo representations
Conti, Andrea; Lang, Jaclyn; Medvedovsky, Anna


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Abstract :
[en] For an odd prime p, we study the image of a continuous 2-dimensional (pseudo)representation rho of a profi nite group with coe cients in a local pro-p domain A. Under mild conditions, Bella che has proved that the image of rho contains a nontrivial congruence subgroup of SL2(B) for a certain subring B of A. We prove that the ring B can be slightly enlarged and then described in terms of the conjugate self-twists of rho, symmetries that naturally constrain its image; hence this new B is optimal. We use this result to recover, and in some cases improve, the known large-image results for Galois representations arising from elliptic and Hilbert modular forms due to Serre, Ribet and Momose, and Nekov a r, and p-adic Hida or Coleman families of elliptic modular forms due to Hida, Lang, and Conti-Iovita-Tilouine.
Disciplines :
Author, co-author :
Conti, Andrea ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Mathematics Research Unit
Lang, Jaclyn;  Université Paris 13 > Mathematics > LAGA > Postdoctorante
Medvedovsky, Anna;  Boston University > Mathematics
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Title :
Big images of two-dimensional pseudo representations
Publication date :
April 2019
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since 20 December 2019


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