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Location-aware and Superimposed-Pilot based Channel Estimation of Sparse HAP Radio Communication Channels
Nawaz, Sayed Junaid; Mansoor, Babar; Sharma, Shree Krishna et al.
2017In Proc. IEEE VTC-Spring 2017
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
HAP; Channel estimation; Location-aware; Multipath propagation
Abstract :
[en] A superimposed (arithmetically added) Pilot (SiP) sequence based channel estimation method for beamforming assisted multi-antenna High Altitude Platform (HAP) land mobile radio communication systems is proposed, which exploits the prior available information of users' spatial location, density of users, and beam-width of HAP directional antenna. A thorough characterization of HAP sparse multipath radio propagation channels' is presented in first part of the paper, where mathematical relationship of HAP antenna beam-width with channel's delay span and optimal length of SiP base sequence are presented. Further, a location information aided and low- power SiP sequence based Stage-wise Orthogonal Match Pursuit (StOMP) algorithm is proposed for estimation of channels from single-antenna user terminals to beamforming assisted large scale multiple-antenna HAP. A thorough analysis on the basis of Normalized Channel Mean Square Error (NCMSE) and Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of proposed method is presented; where the effect of channels' sparsity level, Pilot-to-Information power Ratio (PIR), beam-width of HAP's directional antenna, amount of HAP antenna elements, density of interfering users, and spatial location of active user terminal are thoroughly studied. A comparison of the proposed method with a notable reference technique available in the literature is also presented.
Disciplines :
Electrical & electronics engineering
Author, co-author :
Nawaz, Sayed Junaid
Mansoor, Babar
Sharma, Shree Krishna ;  University of Western Ontario, Canada
Gulfam, Sardar
Patwary, Mohammad
External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
Location-aware and Superimposed-Pilot based Channel Estimation of Sparse HAP Radio Communication Channels
Publication date :
16 November 2017
Event name :
2017 IEEE 85th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring)
Event organizer :
Event date :
4-7 June 2017
Audience :
Main work title :
Proc. IEEE VTC-Spring 2017
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed


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