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Portrait of a Miner in a Landscape
Biryukov, Alex; Feher, Daniel
2019In IEEE INFOCOM 2019 Workshop Proceedings
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
blockchain; mining; ASIC; Zcash; Ethereum
Abstract :
[en] Mining is one of the core elements of the proof-of-work based cryptocurrency economy. In this paper we investigate the generic landscape and hierarchy of miners on the example of Ethereum and Zcash, two blockchains that are among the top 5 in terms of USD value of created coins. Both chains used ASIC resistant proofs-of-work which favors GPU mining in order to keep mining decentralized. This however has changed with recent introduction of ASIC miners for these chains. This transition allows us to develop methods that might detect hidden ASIC mining in a chain (if it exists), and to study how the introduction of ASICs effects the decentralization of mining power. Finally, we describe how an attacker might use public blockchain information to invalidate the privacy of miners, deducing the mining hardware of individual miners and their mining rewards.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Author, co-author :
Biryukov, Alex ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC)
Feher, Daniel ;  University of Luxembourg > Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SNT)
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Language :
Title :
Portrait of a Miner in a Landscape
Publication date :
Event name :
2nd Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains for Distributed Systems (CryBlock) at IEEE INFOCOM 2019
Event place :
Paris, France
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Audience :
Journal title :
IEEE INFOCOM 2019 Workshop Proceedings
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
Focus Area :
Security, Reliability and Trust
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