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The dual Bonahon-Schläfli formula
Mazzoli, Filippo


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Keywords :
hyperbolic 3-manifolds; dual volume; schläfli formula
Abstract :
[en] Given a differentiable deformation of geometrically finite hyperbolic 3-manifolds (M_t)_t, the Bonahon-Schläfli formula expresses the derivative of the volume of the convex cores (CM_t)_t in terms of the variation of the geometry of its boundary, as the classical Schläfli formula does for the volume of hyperbolic polyhedra. Here we study the analogous problem for the dual volume, a notion that arises from the polarity relation between the hyperbolic space H^3 and the de Sitter space dS^3. The corresponding dual Bonahon-Schläfli formula has been originally deduced from Bonahon's work by Krasnov and Schlenker. Here, making use of the differential Schläfli formula and the properties of the dual volume, we give a (almost) self-contained proof of the dual Bonahon-Schläfli formula, without making use of Bonahon's original result.
Disciplines :
Author, co-author :
Mazzoli, Filippo ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Mathematics Research Unit
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Title :
The dual Bonahon-Schläfli formula
Publication date :
27 August 2018
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FnR Project :
FNR10949314 > Gabor Wiese > GSM > Geometric and Stochastic Methods in Mathematics and Applications > 01/10/2016 > 31/03/2023 > 2016


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