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Computational Systems Biology: Inference and Modelling
Lecca, Paola; Ihekawaba, Adaoha; Re, Angela et al.
2016Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Keywords :
network inference, analysis, and modeling; systems biology; complex biological systems
Abstract :
[en] Computational Systems Biology: Inference and Modelling provides an introduction to, and overview of, network analysis inference approaches which form the backbone of the model of the complex behavior of biological systems. This book addresses the challenge to integrate highly diverse quantitative approaches into a unified framework by highlighting the relationships existing among network analysis, inference, and modeling. The chapters are light in jargon and technical detail so as to make them accessible to the non-specialist reader. The book is addressed at the heterogeneous public of modelers, biologists, and computer scientists.
Disciplines :
Life sciences: Multidisciplinary, general & others
Author, co-author :
Lecca, Paola
Ihekawaba, Adaoha
Re, Angela
Mura, Ivan
Nguyen, Thanh-Phuong ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Life Science Research Unit
External co-authors :
Language :
Title :
Computational Systems Biology: Inference and Modelling
Publication date :
March 2016
Publisher :
Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Number of pages :
Focus Area :
Systems Biomedicine
Funders :
FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche [LU]
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