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Genus 3 curves and explicit realisations of symplectic groups as Galois groups over Q
Arias De Reyna Dominguez, Sara


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Keywords :
Galois representation; inverse Galois problem over Q; Genus 3 curves
Abstract :
[en] Abstract: Let n be a natural number and l a prime number. Given a genus n curve C defined over Q, the group of l-torsion points defined over an algebraic closure of Q of its Jacobian variety J_C is endowed with an action of the absolute Galois group G_Q , giving rise to a Galois representation ρ: G_Q → GSp(2n, l). When ρ is surjective, it provides us with a realisation of GSp(2n, l) as a Galois group over Q. To study Galois realisations (over Q) with particular ramification properties at l, it is of great interest to have conditions at auxiliary primes different from l that ensure surjectivity, while allowing great flexibility in the behaviour at the prime l. In this talk we focus on the case n = 3, and provide an explicit construction of curves C defined over Q such that ρ is surjective for a prefixed prime l. This is joint work with Cécile Armana, Valentijn Karemaker, Marusia Rebolledo, Lara Thomas and Núria Vila, and was initiated as a working group in the Conference Women in Numbers Europe (CIRM, 2013).
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Author, co-author :
Arias De Reyna Dominguez, Sara ;  University of Luxembourg > Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) > Mathematics Research Unit
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Title :
Genus 3 curves and explicit realisations of symplectic groups as Galois groups over Q
Publication date :
06 April 2015
Event name :
SAGA (Seminarium z Arytmetyki, Geometrii i Algebry)
Event organizer :
University Adam Mickiewicz
Event place :
Poznan, Poland
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since 18 December 2015


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