References of "Neuropeptides"
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Peer Reviewed
See detailNeuropeptides and their receptors in the environment of nociceptors: Where and why?
Schmidt, Robert; Hanesch, Ulrike UL

in Neuropeptides (1996)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailImmunocytochemical localization of the NK-1 receptor in the dura mater encephali of the rat
Hanesch, Ulrike UL; Meßlinger, Karl; Moussaoui, Saliha et al

in Neuropeptides (1994), 26

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Peer Reviewed
See detailAcute monoarthritis of the cat´s knee joint alters the proportion of CGRP-immunoreactive articular afferents
Hanesch, Ulrike UL; Heppelmann, Bernd; Schmidt, Robert

in Neuropeptides (1994), 26

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Peer Reviewed
See detailUnilateral inflammation of the rat´s ankle joint increases the proportion of CGRP-immunoreactive dorsal root ganglion cells
Hanesch, Ulrike UL; Pfrommer, Ursula; Grubb, Blair et al

in Neuropeptides (1992), 22(Suppl. 1), 29-30

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