References of "Pain"
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See detailGabapentin reduces the mechanosensitivity of fine afferent nerve fibres in normal and inflamed rat knee joints.
Hanesch, Ulrike UL; Pawlak, Matthias; McDougall, Jason

in Pain (2003), 104

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See detailNoradrenergic and opioid systems interact to alter the detection of noxious thermal stimuli and facial scratching in monkeys
Thomas, David A; Anton, Fernand UL; Williams, GM et al

in Pain (1993), 55(1), 63-70

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See detailPsychophysical examination of pain induced by defined CO2 pulses applied to the nasal mucosa
Anton, Fernand UL; Euchner, Ingrid; Handwerker, Hermann-Otto

in Pain (1992), 49(1), 53-60

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See detailMeasurement of the nalgesic efects of aspirin with a new experimantal algesimetric procedure
Fortser, Clemens; Anton, Fernand UL; Reeh, Peter-Werner et al

in Pain (1988), 32(2), 215-222

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See detailThe effect of carrageenan-induced inflammation on the sensitivity of unmyelinated skin nociceptors in rat
Kocher, Laurence; Anton, Fernand UL; Reeh, Peter-Werner et al

in Pain (1987), 29(3), 363-373

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