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Peer Reviewed
See detailIt's London, stupid! Eine neue Weltgeschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts
Voss, Peter UL

in IJHE Bildungsgeschichte (2011), 1(2), 155-163

Detailed reference viewed: 67 (4 UL)
See detailGudrun M. König: Konsumkultur (book review)
Lenz, Thomas UL

in IJHE Bildungsgeschichte (2011), 2

Detailed reference viewed: 289 (5 UL)
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Peer Reviewed
See detailCitizenship education reconsidered: Socialisation, subjectification, and the desire for democracy.
Biesta, Gert UL

in IJHE Bildungsgeschichte (2011), 1(1), 58-67

Detailed reference viewed: 191 (1 UL)
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See detailRezension: Gert Biesta: Good Education in the age of measurement
Barbu, Ragnhild UL

in IJHE Bildungsgeschichte (2011), (2), 213-215

Detailed reference viewed: 86 (5 UL)