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Journal title
18 J. Banking Regulation 1-11 [1]
2018 IEEE 7th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, WCPEC 2018 - A Joint Conference of 45th IEEE PVSC, 28th PVSEC and 34th EU PVSEC [1]
2019 IEEE 46th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) [1]
2019 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) [1]
2019 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf) [1]
2020 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) [1]
2020 IEEE 17th Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC) [1]
2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) [2]
2020 IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2020-Spring) [1]
2020 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) [1]
2020 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS) [1]
30:th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems & Computers [1]
32nd Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence Proceedings [1]
3rd IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations CPDE 2019: Oaxaca, Mexico, 20–24 May 2019 [1]
4OR: a quarterly journal of operations research [4]
52nd CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS) [1]
53 USENIX Journal of Election Technology and Systems (JETS) [1] [1]