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Journal title
International Journal on Violence and Schools [2]
International Law and Comparative Law Quarterly [1]
International Legal Materials [1]
International Management [1]
International Mathematical Research Notices [1]
International Mathematics Research Notices [15]
International Max Planck Research School on the Life Course newsletter [1]
International Migration [4]
International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC-XXVI) [1]
International Modal Analysis Conference, IMAC-XXVI [1]
International Multilingual Research Journal [1]
International Organizations Law Review [1]
International Perspectives on Education and Society [3]
International Public History [4]
International Review for the Sociology of Sport [1]
International Review of Entrepreneurship [2]
International Review of Financial Analysis [6]
International Review of Information Ethics [1]
International Review of Law, Computers and Technology [4]