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Journal title
Circulation research [7]
Circulation. Heart failure [2]
Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics [1]
CIRP - Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology [1]
CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology [1]
Cities & Health [1]
Cities : The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning [1]
Citizenship multiculturalism cosmopolitanism: proceedings from the international conference, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, 3-4 November 2007, Volume 1 [2]
CittĂ  e Storia [1]
City [1]
City and Community [1]
City Metric [1]
Civic Review [1]
Civil Engineering Design [1]
Civil Engineering Research Journal [1]
Civil-Comp Proceedings [1]
Civitas Educationis. Education, Politics and Culture [1]
Classroom Discourse [1]
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy [1]
Cleaner and Responsible Consumption [1]