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See detailMerging judgments and the problem of truth-tracking
Pigozzi, Gabriella UL; Hartmann, Stephan

Scientific Conference (2006, December 07)

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See detailSelbstgesteuerte Skifahren lernen?
Bund, Andreas UL

in Bach, Inge (Ed.) Skilauf und Snowboard in Forschung und Lehre (2006, December)

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See detailEntwicklung von hybriden Mauersteinen mit verbesserten wärmedämmenden Eigenschaften
Leufgens, Nadine; Waldmann, Danièle UL; Maas, Stefan UL et al

Presentation (2006, December)

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See detail'If I don't learn English I'm going to suffer': Gambian lower basic school's children's perspective on the importance of English
Juffermans, Kasper UL

in Cheung, Siu-Keung; Traver, Harold; Li, Xiuguo (Eds.) Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association (2006, December)

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See detailTour d'horizon sur l'utilisabilité - U-Lab et autres outils d'évaluation
Koenig, Vincent UL

Conference given outside the academic context (2006)

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See detailStatistische Mechanik harter Stäbchen
Schilling, Tanja UL

Presentation (2006, November 10)

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See detailMichaux et l’épopée indienne : rites, rixes, remblais
Erchadi, Armand UL

Speeches/Talks (2006)

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See detailEn Europe aussi, quels défis pour l’éducation?
Meyers, Christian UL

Presentation (2006, November)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailJaks and cytokine receptors - an intimate relationship
Haan, Claude UL; Kreis, Stephanie UL; Margue, Christiane UL et al

in Biochemical Pharmacology (2006), 72(11), 1538-46

Most cytokine receptors lack intrinsic kinase activity and many of them signal via Janus kinases (Jaks). These tyrosine kinases are associated with cytokine receptor subunits, they become activated upon ... [more ▼]

Most cytokine receptors lack intrinsic kinase activity and many of them signal via Janus kinases (Jaks). These tyrosine kinases are associated with cytokine receptor subunits, they become activated upon receptor triggering and subsequently activate downstream signalling events, e.g. the phosphorylation of STAT transcription factors. The successful interplay between cytokines, their receptors and the connected Jaks not only determines signalling competence but is also vital for intracellular traffic, stability, and fate of the cognate receptors. Here, we will discuss underlying mechanisms as well as some structural features with a focus on Jak1 and two of the signal transducing receptor subunits of interleukin (IL)-6 type cytokines, gp130 and OSMR. Regions that are critically involved in Jak-binding have been identified for many cytokine receptor subunits. In most cases the membrane-proximal parts comprising the box1 and box2 regions within the receptor are involved in this association while, within Jaks, the N-terminal FERM domain, possibly together with the SH2-like domain, are pivotal for binding to the relevant receptors. The exclusive membrane localisation of Jaks depends on their ability to associate with cytokine receptors. For gp130 and Jak1, it was shown that the cytokine receptor/Jak complex can be regarded as a receptor tyrosine kinase since both molecules have the same diffusion dynamics and are virtually undissociable. Furthermore, Jaks take an active role in the regulation of the surface expression of at least some cytokine receptors, including the OSMR and this may provide a quality control mechanism ensuring that only signalling-competent receptors (i.e. those with an associated Jak) would be enriched at the cell surface. [less ▲]

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See detailZur Geschlechterspezifität von Lernstrategien im Sport
Bund, Andreas UL

Scientific Conference (2006, November)

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See detailOrganisation du symposium « Analyse de l’expérience et V.A.E »
Pignault, Anne UL; Loarer, Even

Scientific Conference (2006, November)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailSchulklima und Gewalt - Ein Überblick zum aktuellen Forschungsstand
Steffgen, Georges UL

Scientific Conference (2006, November)

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See detailPerspectives de psychologie différentielle
Houssemand, Claude UL; Martin, Romain UL; Dickes, P.

Book published by Presses Universitaires de Rennes (2006)

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See detailDie "Große Siechenbande" : Kriminalität unter dem Deckmantel der Armenfürsorge
Uhrmacher, Martin UL

Scientific Conference (2006, October 20)

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See detailDéveloppement et évaluation d'un test mahématique adapté, administré par ordinateur
Schiltz, Jang UL

Presentation (2006, October 19)

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See detailGewaltprävention - Kooperative Ansätze zur Entwicklung der Schulkultur
Steffgen, Georges UL

Presentation (2006, October)

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