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See detailThe Historian as Archivist: Crowdsourced Corona Collections
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

Scientific Conference (2021, November 26)

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See detail’Alles ist wertvoll’: Digitale Archive von Erinnerungen an die Covid-19 Pandemie
Zumthurm, Tizian UL; Hodel, Tobias; Achermann, Dania

Diverse speeches and writings (2021)

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See detailThe gap in Covid-19 memory banks: on the use and usefulness of rapid response collections
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

Scientific Conference (2021, June 18)

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See detailLuxembourg born-digital heritages of the COVID-19 crisis, Round Table
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

Scientific Conference (2021, June 16)

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See detailDas Archivieren der Pandemie: Rapid Response Collecting in Luxemburg
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

Article for general public (2021)

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Full Text
Peer Reviewed
See detailCrowdsourced COVID-19 Collections: A brief overview
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

in International Public History (2021)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe Colonial Situation in Practice: Food at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Lambaréné 1924-65.
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

in International Journal of African Historical Studies (2020)

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See detailThe Gap and the Future: COVID-19 and (Digital) Collecting
Zumthurm, Tizian UL

E-print/Working paper (2020)

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