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See detailOn-the-Fly Bandwidth Reservation for 6TiSCH Wireless Industrial Networks
Palattella, Maria Rita UL; Watteyne, Thomas; Wang, Qin et al

in IEEE Sensors Journal (2015)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailLessons Learned from the 6TiSCH Plugtests
Palattella, Maria Rita UL; Vilajosana, Xavier; Chang, Tengfei et al

in Proc. of EAI Int. Conf. on Interoperability in IoT (InterIoT) (2015)

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See detailTerminology in IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e
Palattella, Maria Rita UL; Thubert, Pascal; Watteyne, Thomas et al

in IETF draft, draft-palattella-6tisch-terminology-00 (2013)

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See detailUsing IEEE802.15.4e TSCH in an LLN context: Overview, Problem Statement and Goals
Watteyne, Thomas; Palattella, Maria Rita UL; Grieco, Luigi Alfredo

in IETF draft, draft-watteyne-6tisch-tsch-00 (2013)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailStandardized Protocol Stack For The Internet Of (Important) Things
Palattella, Maria Rita UL; Accettura, Nicola; Vilajosana, Xavier et al

in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2012), 15(3/Third Quarter 2013), 1389-1406

Detailed reference viewed: 1876 (6 UL)