References of "Wagner, Thomas"
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See detailPassive BWR integral LOCA testing at the Karlstein test facility INKA
Drescher, Robert; Wagner, Thomas; Leyer, Stephan UL

in ATW - Internationale Zeitschrift fuer Kernenergie (2014)

Detailed reference viewed: 79 (6 UL)
See detailStatus of the full scale component testing of the KERENA TM emergency condenser and Containment Cooling Condenser
Leyer, Stephan UL; Maisberger, Fabian; Herbst, Vassili et al

in Proceedings of the 2010 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants-ICAPP'10 (2010)

Detailed reference viewed: 60 (0 UL)
See detailFull scaled tests of the KERENA trademark containment cooling condenser at the INKA test facility
Leyer, Stephan UL; Maisberger, Fabian; Lineva, Natalia et al

in Annual meeting on nuclear technology 2010. Documentation (2010)

Detailed reference viewed: 76 (2 UL)