References of "Trechsel, Alexander"
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See detailEvaluation of the use of new technologies in order to facilitate democracy in Europe
Kies, Raphaël UL; Mendez, Fernando; Schmitter, Philippe et al

Report (2004)

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See detailThe European Parliament and the Challenge of Internet Voting
Trechsel, Alexander; Mendez, Fernando; Kies, Raphaël UL

E-print/Working paper (2003)

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See detailRemote voting via the Internet? The Canton of Geneva Pilot Project
Trechsel, Alexander; Mendez, Fernando; Kies, Raphaël UL

in Gritzalis, Dimitri (Ed.) Secure Electronic Voting (2002)

Detailed reference viewed: 61 (0 UL)
See detailLe contexte socio-politique
Kies, Raphaël UL; Trechsel, Alexander

in Auer, Andreas; Trechsel, Alexander (Eds.) Voter par Internet? Le projet e-voting dans le canton de Genève dans une perspective socio-politique et juridique (2001)

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