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See detailThe Limits and Possibilities of the Sciences of Education
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

Presentation (2014, April)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailSocial Epistemology, the Reason of “Reason” and the Curriculum Studies
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Education Policy Analysis Archives (2014), 22(22),

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See detailComparative studies and the reasons of reason: Historicizing differences and “seeing” reforms in multiple modernities
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL; Khirshid, A.; Zhao, W.

in Vega, L. (Ed.) Empires, post-coloniality, and interculturality. New challenges for comparative education (2014)

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See detailSocial and Educational Sciences and the Problem of Change
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

Presentation (2014)

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See detailRecognizing differences and the making of inequality: Education sciences, schooling, and abjection
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Catani, Denice; Gatti Jr., Décio (Eds.) O que a escola faz (2014)

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See detailThe empirical and political ‘fact’ of theory in the social and education sciences
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Biesta, G.; Allan, J.; Edwards, R. (Eds.) Making a difference in theory: The theory question in education and the education question in theory (2014)

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See detailCurriculum studies: The reason of “reason” and schooling
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Popkewitz, Thomas S. (Ed.) The "reason" of schooling: Historicizing curriculum studies, pedagogy, and teacher education (2014)

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See detailFabricating the teacher’s soul in teacher education
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL; Kirchgasler, C.

in Fejes, A.; Nichols, C. (Eds.) Foucault and a politics of confession in education (2014)

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See detailGovernmentality: Governing in Curriculum and Making Kinds of People
Petersson, Kenneth; Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL; Olsson, Ulf et al

Book published by M.E. Sharpe Inc. (2014)

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See detailEpistemología social y ‘la razón’ para la escolarización
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Espinosa, Julieta; Robert, André (Eds.) Epistemología social y pensamiento crítico. Pensar la educación de otra manera (2014)

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See detailThe meanings of scholarship: An intellectual interview with Tom Popkewitz
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Pereyra, M.; Franklin, B. (Eds.) Systems of reason and the politics of schooling: Alternatives studies on school reforms and sciences of education in tradition of Thomas S. Popkewitz (2014)

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See detailNew spaces of collective belonging, memory and its fears: Fabricating the self and “others”
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL; Martins, Catarina S.

in Calogiannakis, P.; Karras, K.; Chiang, T.-H. (Eds.) et al Crisis in education: Modern trends and issues (2014)

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See detailThe sociology of education as the history of the present: Fabrication, difference and abjection
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

in Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education (2013), 34(3), 439-456

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See detailStyles of Reason: Historicizing Educational History and the Archive
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

Speeches/Talks (2013)

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See detail“Reason” and the Moral Construction of Schooling
Popkewitz, Thomas S. UL

Speeches/Talks (2013)

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