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See detailState aid, subsidy and tax incentives under EU and WTO law
Micheau, Claire UL

Book published by Kluwer Law International (2014)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe Laboratoires Boiron case (C-526/04): A refined approach for the recovery of a tax forming part of the aid
Micheau, Claire UL

in State Aid Handbook (Polish version) (2014)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe Law of State Aid
Micheau, Claire UL

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See detailDroit des aides d'État et des subventions en fiscalité directe
Micheau, Claire UL

Book published by Larcier (2013)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailCase studies of tax issues on selectivity: Analysis of the Patent Box scheme and the reduced taxation of foreign-source interest income
Micheau, Claire UL; Gauthier, Charles de la Brousse

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See detailState aid and tax law
Micheau, Claire UL

Book published by Wolters Kluwer (2012)

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Full Text
Peer Reviewed
See detailRelationships between fundamental freedoms and State aid law
Micheau, Claire UL

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See detailTax competition and fiscal aid in Brazil - Review
Micheau, Claire UL

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Peer Reviewed
See detailState aid and taxation in EU law
Micheau, Claire UL

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See detailState Aid, Subsidy and Tax Incentives under EU and WTO Law
Micheau, Claire UL

Doctoral thesis (2010)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailTax selectivity in State aid review: A debatable case practice’
Micheau, Claire UL

in EC Tax Review (2008), (17), 276-284

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Peer Reviewed
See detailLa Cour de Justice, moteur de l'intégration européenne
Micheau, Claire UL; Masson, antoine

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See detailRepresentation of the European Court of Justice
Micheau, Claire UL

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See detailWTO law and tax subsidies: Towards the establishment of jurisprudential standards
Micheau, Claire UL

in Bulletin for International Taxation (2007)

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See detailThe Werner Mangold case: An example of strengthened correlation between legal activism and judicial militantism
Micheau, Claire UL; masson, antoine

in European Review of Public Law (2007)

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