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See detailDeveloping arithmetic skills in kindergarten through a game- based approach: a major issue for learners and a challenge for teachers
Vlassis, Joëlle UL; Baye, Ariane; Auquière, Amélie et al

in International Journal of Early Years Education (2022)

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See detailInvestigating the dimensionality of early numeracy using the bifactor exploratory structural equation modeling framework
Dierendonck, Christophe UL; de Chambrier, Anne-Françoise; Fagnant, Annick et al

in Frontiers in Psychology (2021)

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See detailEnhancing children’s numerical skills through a play-based intervention at kindergarten and at home: a quasi-experimental study
de Chambrier, Anne-Françoise; Baye, Ariane; Tinnes-Vigne, Mélanie et al

in Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2021), 54

Detailed reference viewed: 169 (12 UL)
Peer Reviewed
See detailA test to measure early number skills progress among 4 to 6 years old children
De Chambrier, Anne-Françoise; Fagnant, Annick; Giauque, Nadine et al

Scientific Conference (2018, July)

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See detailDéveloppement d’un test de compétences numériques précoces destiné à mesurer les effets d’une intervention mise en place auprès d’élèves de 4 à 6 ans
de Chambrier, Anne-Françoise; Vlassis, Joëlle UL; Fagnant, Annick et al

in Demeuse, Marc; Milmeister, Marianne; Weis, Christiane (Eds.) L'évaluation en éducation et en formation face aux transformations des sociétés contemporaines. Actes du 30e colloque de l'Admée-Europe (2018, January)

Detailed reference viewed: 111 (15 UL)