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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe Role of Teachers in Students’ Social Inclusion in the Classroom
Gasser, Luciano; Cillessen, Antonius H.N.; Huber, Christian et al

in Frontiers in Education (in press)

Detailed reference viewed: 61 (2 UL)
See detailBeyond mere counting: How experience sampling can help to understand social interactions
Zurbriggen, Carmen UL; Huber, Christian

Scientific Conference (2019, August)

Detailed reference viewed: 26 (0 UL)
See detailConception of the E-CIR “Measuring and supporting students’ social participation”. The 2018 E-CIR Group
Spörer, Nadine; Minnaert, Alexander; Zurbriggen, Carmen UL et al

Poster (2018, September)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailDiffuse Electroreflectance of thin-film solar cells: Suppression of interference-related lineshape distortions
Krämmer, Christoph; Huber, Christian; Redinger, Alex UL et al

in Applied Physics Letters (2015), 107

Detailed reference viewed: 157 (5 UL)