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See detailRecyclable Architecture: Prefabricated and Recyclable Typologies
Ferreira Silva, Marielle UL; Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya UL; Waldmann, Danièle UL et al

in Sustainability (2020)

Buildings are being demolished without taking into the account the waste generated, and the housing shortage problem is getting more critical as cities are growing and the demand for built space and the ... [more ▼]

Buildings are being demolished without taking into the account the waste generated, and the housing shortage problem is getting more critical as cities are growing and the demand for built space and the use of resources are increasing. Architectural projects have been using prefabrication and modular systems to solve these problems. However, there is an absence of structures that can be disassembled and reused when the structure’s life ran its course. This paper presents three building prototypes of new recyclable architectural typologies: (i) a Slab prototype designed as a shelf structure where wooden housing modules can be plugged in and out, (ii) a Tower prototype allowing for an easy change of layout and use of different floors and (iii) a Demountable prototype characterized by the entire demountability of the building. These typologies combine modularity, flexibility, and disassembling to address the increasing demands for multi-use, re-usable and resource-efficient constructions. Design, drawings, plans, and 3D models are developed, tested and analyzed as a part of the research. The results show that the implementation of the recyclable architectural concept at the first design stage is feasible and realistic, and ensures the adaptation through time, increases life span, usability and the material reusability, while avoiding demolition, which in turn reduces the construction waste and, consequently, the CO2 emissions. [less ▲]

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See detailArchitektur auf gemeinsamem Boden : Positionen und Modelle zur Bodenfrage
Hertweck, Florian UL

Book published by Lars Müller Publishers (2020)

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See detailDie Geschichte des (Erb)-Baurechts in Schlaglichtern
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Brigitta, Gerber; Kriese, Ulrich (Eds.) Boden behalten - Stadt gestalten (2019)

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See detailPour un art et une architecture critique et politique
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Faces, journal d'architecture (2019), (75), 32-33

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See detailEin Ossarium für Steinsel. Über die architektonische Herausforderung einer ungewöhnlichen Bauaufgabe
Hertweck, Florian UL; Kolnberger, Thomas UL

in Kmec, Sonja; Philippart, Robert L.; Reuter, Antoinette (Eds.) Ewige Ruhe? Concession à perpétuité? - Grabkulturen in Luxemburg und den Nachbarregionen - Cultures funéraires au Luxembourg et dans les régions voisines (2019)

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See detailIntroduction
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Hertweck, Florian (Ed.) Positions on Emancipation. Architecture between Aesthetics and Politics (2018)

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See detailAn architectural history of the question of land ownership
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Arch + (2018), 231

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See detailWho owns the land? Highlights in the history of land reform
Hertweck, Florian UL; Löhr, Dirk

in Archplus (2018), (231),

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See detailToward a New Land Reform
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Wolfrum, Sophie (Ed.) Porous City. From Metaphor to Urban Agenda (2018)

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See detailDialogic City. Berlin wird Berlin
Hertweck, Florian UL; Brandlhuber, Arno; Mayfried, Thomas

Book published by Walther König Verlag (2015)

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See detailDas Verhältnis der Stadt zur Natur
Brandlhuber, Arno; Hertweck, Florian UL

in Brandlhuber, Arno; Hertweck, Florian; Mayfried, Thomas (Eds.) Dialogic City. Berlin wird Berlin (2015)

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See detailD'Atlantropa à Desertec: macro-projeter le continent ressource du 20e siècle
Hertweck, Florian UL; Lopez, Fanny

in Rouillard, Dominique (Ed.) Afriques. Architecture, infrastructures et territoires en devenir (2015)

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See detailLa città dopo il progresso : la stazione di Stoccarda e l’aeroporto di Berlino
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Trasporti & Cultura (2014), 38

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See detailSchinkel et l’invention de la ville-paysage
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Marnes (2014), 3

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See detailStein versus Glas
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Eine Chronik des Bundes Deutscher Architekten BDA 1903-2013 (2013)

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See detailParis versus Berlin. Image, urbanisme et tourisme.
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Gravari-Barbas, Maria; Fagnoni, Edith (Eds.) Paris, tourisme et métropolisation (2013)

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See detailClimats
Hertweck, Florian UL; Mandoul, Thierry; Fol, Jac et al

Book published by Infolio (2012)

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See detailDas Steinerne Berlin. Rückblick auf eine Kontroverse der 90er Jahre
Hertweck, Florian UL

in Archplus (2011), 201

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