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See detailQTI Standard: The Challenge of Designing Usable and Compliant Interfaces
Doublet, Sophie UL; Raber, Dieter; Sipasseuth, Somsack

Scientific Conference (2014, September 22)

Detailed reference viewed: 84 (24 UL)
See detailDie Online-Testplattform OASYS
Keller, Ulrich UL; François, Eric UL; Fischbach, Antoine UL et al

Presentation (2014, January)

Detailed reference viewed: 208 (75 UL)
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See detailHuman scoring in CBA
Doublet, Sophie UL; Koenig, Vincent UL; Busana, Gilbert UL et al

Scientific Conference (2012)

Detailed reference viewed: 107 (32 UL)