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Peer Reviewed
See detailHeritability estimates of Karen Horney’s core neurotic trends in a young adult twin sample.
Coolidge, F.L.; Segal, D.L.; Estey, A.J. et al

in Psychology (2015), 6

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Peer Reviewed
See detailPersian version of the geriatric anxiety scale: Translation and preliminary psychometric properties among Iranian older adults
Bolghan-Abadi, M.; Segal, D.L.; Coolidge, F.L. et al

in Aging and Mental Health (2013), 17

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See detailDo nightmares and generalized anxiety disorder in childhood and adolescence have a common genetic origin?
Coolidge, F.L.; Segal, D.L.; Coolidge, C.M. et al

in Behavior Genetics (2010), 40

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