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See detail\#ww1. Twitter, the Centenary of the First World War and the Historian (poster)
Clavert, Frédéric UL; Beaupré, Nicolas; Majerus, Benoît

Scientific Conference (2015)

Analysis of tweets related to the centenary of the first world war.

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See detailL'Europe s'expose
Beaupré, Nicolas; Dakowska, Dorota; Majerus, Benoît UL

in Vingtième Siècle (2008), (98), 206--211

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See detailUne histoire croisée des occupations (1914-1948)
Beaupré, Nicolas; Duménil, Anne; Majerus, Benoît UL

in Histoire et Sociétés: Revue Européenne d'Histoire Sociale (2006), (17),

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See detailL’historiographie allemande face à la ‘catastrophe originelle’ du XXe siècle
Beaupré, Nicolas; Majerus, Benoît UL

in Guedj, François (Ed.) Le XXe siècle des guerres (2004)

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